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The mosque is the center of civilization. There are many activities taking place, ranging from worship, education, community service and many more.

Covid 19 shows that mosques need to be united and need to adapt to the times. Especially with the development of technology.
The information that has been in it needs to be displayed to a wide audience, especially those related to Islamic symbols. Some of them;

1. Qibla direction information, apart from purification, the Qibla direction is a valid requirement before praying. Information that this Qibla direction measurement or calibration has been carried out needs to be displayed.
2. Management structure, management is also very important. From this structure were born many policies and activities that take place in the mosque.
3. Bank account data and QRIS, this information makes it easier for mosque congregations or other people who are far from the mosque location to be able to donate from afar. QRIS even makes this activity easier, no matter the type and brand of the bank. Still can infaq.
4. Financial Reports, mosques are used to reporting their finances every week. The more people who supervise, the easier it is to coordinate and carry out activities. Specifically for this report, it refers to the infaq mechanism with the 'gebu syiar' movement.
5. Electricity and water meter data, the congregation or the community can help pay the mosque's electricity and water bills.

This information will continue to be added as needed. On that basis, Buana syiar is present. Provide an electronic platform that can be used by mosques and prayer rooms to display this information.

The mosques and prayer rooms in the portal slowly unite and form a strong network of mosques. Minimize inequality and have a wider impact on society.

syiar.org is the parent domain of the mosque association movement. For now, it still covers the territory of Indonesia ((it has almost 1 million mosques and prayer rooms). It is possible that in the future there will be syiar.id in other forms in countries that have mosques and prayer rooms to form a global network of mosques.


Alamsyah Rasyid
Founder and CEO Buana Syiar